Afghan Transit

We currently have our full grip on the Afghanistan logistics and are serving almost every second customer across Afghanistan- our personal warehouse, containers (Both dry and Reefer) our highly skilled operation staff provide excellent services  in Kabul & Kandahar, Our sub-offices are also operating their business in major cities at Afghanistan, we are offering wide range of services,  Air Freight – Sea Freight, from bordering  ports, inland distribution, custom clearance, logistics contracts, Monitoring and consultancy, its  effective to the gratification of our customers, services are not limited to logistics but also consist of   reasonable solutions. We are proficiently handled cargo of militaries, Governmental Organizations, NGOs, (Charitable and relief operations). Commercial Traders, Oil Companies, Construction and several other multinationals working in Afghanistan. ABS Shipping also handled efficiently, Break-bulk cargo, DG-cargo, heavy machineries, heavy vehicles etc.

Expeeder appreciates friendly business relations with all foreign assignments, consulates and NGOs Control center in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

We are bound to provide highly self-esteemed, efficient and prestigious custom clearance solutions on all Afghanistan borders as per below.

Pak/Afghan Torkham&Chaman Border, Afghan/Iran Islam Qalla, Nimroz and CIS Countries, Sher Khan, Herataan, and Torghundi Borders as well.

We offer the subsequent services for Afghanistan province:

  • Logistics Consultancy & Liaison with Government Departments in Pakistan on behalf of customer
  • Custom Handling at the Airport /Dry port of Pakistan and at Borders.
  • Transportation / Containerized movement to Jalalabad, Kabul, Kandahar, Herat & Islam Qilla and also back to any major city of the world.
  • Charter flights from worldwide to Kabul Airport and back.
  • Air Transportation from any major city of the world to Peshawar and Quetta Airport and onward trucking to Afghanistan.
  • Bonded/Unbounded Transportation of cargo on road from Karachi to major cities of Afghanistan through Peshawar and Quetta.
  • Road Survey Service for heavy movements through Pakistan.
  • Insurance coverage up to Pakistan borders.