EXPEEDER was focused on planning, implementing, and managing the right supply chain solutions for the fast-moving apparel industry. EXPEEDER has developed industry-specific services which streamlined the current fashion logistics process. For you, this means industry-leading solutions that are configured for your specific needs, which result in a faster, more efficient end-to-end supply chain delivering quantified value to your business and consumers.

Services from point to point

At the point of origin, we offer a wide range of fashion-specific services to manage and operate all activities from vendor to point of shipment. Wide experience in garment-on-hanger freight management makes sure that your trend-setting apparel arrives at the desired destination looking its best via the right mode of shipment. Our dedicated fashion facilities have specialists who can perform a number of value-added services to ensure garments are prepped according to your specific requirements. Throughout the entire process, EXPEEDER security standards and technology systems deliver the visibility and control you need.